David Bishop  

I have been involved with accounting, bookkeeping and general business finance management for over 40 years. This history began when I received my Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics from Eastern Illinois University in 1968. In 1970, I started a 26 year career with the phone company in the Accounting Department. My last 5 years in the telecommunication industry were devoted to product revenue tracking in Indianapolis for the entire Ameritech region.

Downsized in 1996, I determined to forego “Corporate America” and explore the activities of much smaller, local businesses and individuals. At this time, family and friends began pushing me to start my own business. Still my comfort zone was as an employee. Over the course of the next ten years I acquired a wider scope of experience encompassing various business types and practices. While still employed, in April of 2006, I established Bishop Accounting Services, LLC.

Although I had done taxes for family and friends for years, beginning with the 2007 tax season, I enjoyed special training from a good friend with many years of tax experience who is also a highly respected professional in the community. With the tax season underway, I was pushed out of the nest and my comfort zone and forced to face the reality of being on my own. Although shocking, it was the push I needed.

For the last year and a half I have been a self-employed business owner busy building my business, expanding a network of contacts and developing resources for future growth. As part of my expansion plans I opened an office on south Walnut complete with professional furnishings, hired two employees, purchased world class tax software and secured special advertising with the Indiana Daily Student. In collaboration with David Hays of Comprehensive Financial Consultants, I was the recommended the tax preparer engaged to serve the entire staff of the MCCSC.

During the tax season, I acquired numerous new clients who have enrolled in my bookkeeping services program. One such client requested I expand my services to include aspects of business management. When I announced this change to my networking friends, it was warmly received with several approaching me to assume such responsibility for them as well.

In addition to business management services, I have chosen to further expand the scope of my activities to encompass services to the seniors who have difficulty with their bills and other routine paper work or just do not like handling such matters. I hesitate to use the term “finance management” since that might imply advice and counseling that is more David Hays’ area of expertise. I am focusing on the basic money matters that somehow just seem to escape proper attention. Again, several people have encouraged me to pursue this avenue as expeditiously as possible.

More personal information might include that my wife and I have been empty nesters seventeen plus years in the beautiful countryside just west of Bloomington. Where we raise hay and board horses. We truly love our adopted community and wish to return to the community some the benefits we feel we have received. In that vain I perform financial services for WFHB, Bloomington Community Radio, and serve as Board Treasurer for a prominent non-profit in the south, central Indiana.

I believe my business activities are on course and will readily establish Bishop Accounting Services, LLC as a positive player in the local community. As my company grows, I have a deep seated desire to spread the benefits to as many deserving people as possible. To that end, I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to include you and/or your small business as a partner in those activities.

If you are interested in securing our services or just have some questions, please contact us by phone at (812) 336-2901, by fax at (812) 336-2903, or on my cell p[hone (812) 360-1731. You are also invited to visit with us at 1441 S Fenbrook Lane, Suite 800. An appointment is recommended but not required.

Referrals are always welcomed and very much appreciated.