Notary Services

Bill Administration: Accounts Payable

  • Receive, review and record bills.
  • Challenge bills as directed by client
  • Assist client in prioritizing and scheduling payments.
  • Create and issue checks for payments (All checks signed by client)
  • Pay bills via credit card, debit card, or bank ACH draw as authorized by client.
  • Track bill status (remind client of outstanding bills.)

Invoice Administration: Accounts Receivable

  • Create and record invoices
  • Present invoices for issuance by client or issue invoices for client
  • Track invoice status and provide client with status of open invoices
  • Pursue collection efforts as directed by client
  • Record sales receipts

Finance Management

  • Balance bank statements
  • With online banking authority provided by client:
  • Transfer required funds between accounts:
  • To cover payroll
  • To move surplus funds from checking to savings
  • To make loan payments
  • To draw funds from or repay line of credit
  • Work with bank to resolve issues and institute adjustments as approved by client.
  • Balance credit card statements
  • Assist with budget development
  • Assist with budget tracking
  • Assist with budget variance analysis (Actuals vs Budget)
  • Assist with cash flow analysis and determining cash requirements
  • Create and analyze various financial reports
  • Reconcile all general ledger accounts
  • Create and record all appropriate general ledger transactions and adjustments
  • Assist with document preparation as requested by outside entities 

Payroll Administration

  • Prepare payroll checks or direct deposits. All checks signed by client
  • Maintain employee payroll history
  • Promptly prepare all payroll tax payments, forms, and reports
  • Review and analyze all payroll transactions when prepared by outside agencies
  • Record all payroll transactions

Inventory and Property Administration

  • Assist in developing and maintaining parts (items) lists
  • Assist in determining pricing and stocking requirements
  • Order replenishing stock as directed by client
  • Track “Cost of Goods (Sale)” activity
  • Order “Cost of Goods (Sale)” supplies as directed by client.
  • Record all inventory transactions
  • Compute required depreciation and amortization transactions

Income Tax Preparation

  • Promptly prepare all personal income tax returns
  • Promptly prepare all business tax payments, forms, reports, and returns